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Beauty & the Beast - 2008
Total Photos: 42     Album Created: 09-16-2008     Last Updated: 09-16-2008
Description: A successful production of "Beauty and the Beast", August 22, 23, 24, 2008, at the BCIT Theater, with a wonderful cast and crew of 34.
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Belle in the Castle, Dinner Request

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) refuses the crude dinner invitation by the Beast (Lou Pacheco). The servants Babette (Arielle Thomas), Lumiere (Steve Goeman), Cogsworth (Sara Viniar), Mrs; Potts (Jennifer Walker) listen in

Gaston (Michael Carty) sings "Gaston"
Gaston and the Silly Girls

Gaston (Michael Carty) is pursued by the Silly Girls (Cat Davies, Maggie Leczik , Missy Crowley)

Gaston (Michael Carty) sings "Gaston". The tavern patrons (Viviana Campanaro, Steph Lottes, Kathy Hartsough) get a good look. Other patrons (Joey Moog, Cat Davies, Clare Maurer, look on on the background
Gaston, Dance Break

The tavern patrons dance in "Gaston", choregraphy by Fay Schanne.
Human Again

The Enchanted Objects sing "Human Again"
If I Can't Love Her

The Beast (Lou Pacheco) now realizes his hopelessness, and sings "If I Can't Love Her"
If I Can't Love Her,

The Beast (Lou Pacheco) sings "If I Can't Love Her"
If I can't Love Her,

The Beast (Lou Pacheco) sings "If I Can't Love Her" as Act One closes
Is This Home?

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) can no longer hold back the dark despair that threatens to overwhelm her, and sings "Is This Home?"

Lumiere (Steve Goeman) falls asleep while keeping an eye on Belle
No Matter What

Maurice (Steve Lottes) and Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) sing "No Matter What"
The Beast Lets Belle Go

The Beast (Lou Pacheco) tells Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) that she should go to her father. She is a prisoner no more
The Dungeon

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) agrees to stay forever so her father Maurice (Steve Lottes) can go free
The Invention

Maurice (Steve Lottes) and Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) ponder the problems with Maurice's invention
The Mob Scene

The scheme to have Maurice (Steve Lottes) committed to the Maison d'Lune is launched, confronted by LeFou (Nathan Titus), Monsieur d'Arque (David Ferris), and the mob, Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) defends her father.
The Mob Scene,

The plan now changed, Gaston (Michael Carty) incites the townspeople to go after the Beast
The Transformation,

After the epic fight, the Beast (Lou Pacheco) lies mortally wounded in Belle's (Michelle Whitescarver) lap
The Transformation,

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) realizes that this was the beast, now transformed into the Prince (Scott Bass)
The Transformation, the spell is broken

The Beast is transformed into the Prince (Scott Bass)
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