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Beauty & the Beast - 2008
Total Photos:42    Album Created: 09-16-2008   Last Updated: 09-16-2008
Description: A successful production of "Beauty and the Beast", August 22, 23, 24, 2008, at the BCIT Theater, with a wonderful cast and crew of 34.
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The Cast and Crew

The Cast and Crew of the 2008 production of "Beauty and the Beast"
Pre-Show Dressing Room

The "Beasts" Lou Pacheco (L) and Scott Bass (R) get ready for the evenings performance
Pre-Show Dressing Room

Monsieur D'Arque (David Ferris) is readied for his entrance

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) engrossed in a book during the opening scene. The baker (David Ferris) peddles his bread.

Cogsworth (Sara Viniar) uses some humor on a tour of the castle with Belle (Michelle Whitescarver)

Gaston (Michael Carty) tells LeFou (Nathan Titus) of his intentions for Belle (Michelle Whitescarver). The ensemble looks on.

Gaston (Michael Carty) tries to get Belle's (Michelle Whitscarver) attention. LeFou (Nathan Titus) and one of the Silly Girls (Missy Crowley) look on.
An Enchanted Castle

Lumiere (Steve Goeman) and Cogsworth (Sara Viniar) try to get Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) off to bed, who only wants to take a look around now
Be Our Guest - The Tango

Babette (Arielle Thomas) and Lumiere (Steve Goeman) get serious with the tango. Dinner Plates (Joey Moog, Cat Davies) and Napkin (Missy Crowley) strike a pose
Be Our Guest,

The Enchanted Objects Wardrobe (Kathy Hartsough), Chip (David Thomas), Door, (Ashley Johnson), Pepper and Salt (Meagan Bandomer, Alexa Moog) get ready for the big finish
Be Our Guest,

Lumiere (Steve Goeman) leads the Napkins (Viviana Campanaro, Maggie Leczik , Missy Crowley, Shelby Zappia) in a dance around Belle (Michelle Whitescarver). Dinner Plates (Cat Davies, Laurel Thomas, Clare Maurer) sing in the background
Be Our Guest,

The grand pose at the end of "Be Our Guest"
Be Our Guest,

Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) joins two of the Napkins (Viviana Campanaro, Maggie Leczik ) in a can-can.
Be Our Guest,

The silverware (Nathan Titus, Michael Carty, Will Cobb) ready for their dance. The Carpet (David Ferris) and Cogsworth (Sara Viniar) look on
Be Our Guest,

Lumiere (Steve Goeman) and Babette (Arielle Thomas) prepare to entertain Belle with a tango. The enchanted objects the carpet (David Ferris), Sugar (Kayla Moog), Champagne (Steve Lottes), Mrs. Potts (Jennifer Walker), Dinner Plate (Joey Moog) party...
Be Our Guest,

Cogsworth (Sara Viniar) can't believe how dinner has gotten out of hand. Champagne (Steve Lottes), and Napkin (Viviana Campanaro) dance, while Dinner Plates (Cat Davies, Laurel Thomas) provide the vocals
Beauty and the Beast, preparing for dinner

Cogsworth (Sara Viniar) coaches the Beast (Lou Pacheco) on manners before his dinner with Belle
Beauty and the Beast, Serenade

Mrs. Potts (Jennifer Walker) sings "Beauty and the Beast", as Chip (David Thomas) watches
Beauty and the Beast, the Grand Entrance

Belle (Michelle Whitscarver) is escorted to dinner by the Beast (Lou Pacheco)
Belle and the Wardrobe

The Wardrobe (Kathy Hartsough) tells Belle (Michelle Whitescarver) that the Beast is not such a bad fellow
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